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Shopping For The Perfect Mini Blender

September 12th, 2009

There are many reasons to buy a mini blender (or two, of different styles). The biggest reason is that these small kitchen appliances offer an excellent way of chopping and blending food, yet do so without taking up the space (or dirtying the bulky dishes) that larger blenders do.

If you need to blend moderate or large amounts of food, it is probably more worth your money to get a full size blender. But even so, a mini blender is great to own in addition to a standard sized blender. Or if you have small kitchen space or a small budget, you can buy a mini blender and blend larger recipes in multiple small portions.

There are several different styles that make up the mini blender market. Here are a few of the most popular:

  • Mini food processor/blender. This is more often a food processor, but people often refer to it as a “mini blender” so we will address it here. Food processors can often hold quite a bit of food, with at home models built as big as 14 cups. But mini food processors can come as small as 1.5 cups, so that you can blend small batches of spices, or oils for a salad, without dirtying a huge appliance.
  • Immersion blenders. These hand held blenders are quite small. Instead of pouring your food into a blender, you simply immerse this hand-held appliance into the blow or container than already houses the food. Excellent for soups in particular, this simplistic style of mini blender is easy to use, quick, and very easy to clean up.
  • Non-electric “mini blender” bottles. A portable alternative ideal for smoothies and health shakes, these bottles give you the option of blending your beverage on the go without electricity. Often a durable plastic bottle with a wide mouth for easy drinking, blender bottles usually have a solid wire ball inside that smashes and blends the contents when you shake the bottle.

These are three different ways that you can blend food or beverages, all for very different purposes, without the use of a full size, traditional blender. Most of these will not work to replace such a blender, but can be a great alternative in certain uses.